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"It felt like Jim and Diane truly cared that the experience made you a better driver and aren't just in it for the money. After Drivewise, I felt confident when I went to my G2 test and sure enough, I passed! :) Thank you, Jim and Diane!"

Learn to drive at our fun and interactive driving school in Brantford. Drivewise is truly a family business. ​Owned and operated by Jim & Diane Girard. We enjoy what we do and have a passion to make our roads a safer place. We are pleased to offer the Drivewise Safe Start Program, the most interactive and technologically advanced curriculum presently offered. We are privileged to work with industry leaders to ensure we remain the leader in driver training. All Drivewise students are given contact numbers of both the owners and their in-car driving instructor. Parents and students are welcome and encouraged to call at any time. We also follow up with students while in-car and when the program is completed. Feedback and making sure your needs are met is how we remain the industry Driver training leader. We are here to serve and help, call anytime. Need help with the road test? We offer driving lessons in Brantford. Book your lesson today. Drivewise Brantford: the most advanced driving school in Brantford.

Our Facilities

Drivewise Class Locations:

*Please note that these locations are for class training only. If you wish to register, require information, and/or to make a payment, please contact via phone or email. 

519-751-5102 | drivewiseteam@gmail.com

Drivewise Brantford Wayne Gretzky: 254 N Park St, Brantford, ON 

Drivewise Brantford: 128 Nelson St    Unit 5, Brantford, ON 

Drivewise Paris Optimist Club: 2 Elm St, Paris, ON 

Our Instructors

Our in-car instructors hold some of the highest teaching credentials. They continually work on upgrading and re-evaluating their skills. One-on-one in-car sessions: students receive hands-on, individualized attention; they are never placed in a car with other students. 

Online Learning

"The online portion of the course was simple and very effective!"

Homelink is designed to further reinforce the theories learned in the classroom. This independent studying can be completed at the student's own pace. Homelink gives the student their scores in real-time and allows them to retake any quiz. Homelink not only works as a refresher to what was learned in the classroom but also assists students to further develop independent thought when it comes to making important decisions while behind the wheel.

Shuttle Service

We offer a shuttle from school to the Safe Start in-class to help make your Drivewise experience easier for you and your family. If you are need of a ride to class on a week night during the school year, please let us know by text: 519-751-5102 or email: drivewiseteam@gmail.com  We can pick you up at school and bring you to the Drivewise classroom. Ride is from the High School to class (one way) on the nights during the week.

Shuttle service is offered to the following schools: Assumption, BCI, and St. Johns

Upgrade to a Deluxe Package

Drivewise Brantford's Deluxe Package greatly increases your chances of passing the test.

With the Deluxe Package you will recieve the full Safe Saft Program PLUS:

- a 60 minute refresher lesson with your instructor right before your test

- use of your instructor's car for the road test

- the guarantee: in the unlikely event you do not pass the road test, you will receive an additional 60 minute lesson and car rental free of charge. *does not include DriveTest Fee to rebook the test.

The Safe Start Program with a Deluxe Program is $599.99 plus HST payment plans available

What a deal!

Drivewise is the most advanced driving school in Brantford

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Drivewise Safe Start Program

Drivewise Safe Start Program

Drivewise Safe Start Program

The most interactive driving school in Brantford. 20 hours of in-class learning, 10 hours of online learning, 10 hours of in-car training, MTO certification. $499.99 plus HST. 

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Class Schedule

Drivewise Safe Start Program

Drivewise Safe Start Program

Check out our advanced curriculum. See why Drivewise is the leader in driver training. We offer two classroom locations in Brantford and a Paris location to serve you better.  

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They Passed!

Drivewise Safe Start Program

They Passed!

Need help with the road test? We offer driving lessons in Brantford to help you pass the road test. Book your lesson today!